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I'm a professional Career Coach who is here to help you reach a goal or make a change in your life. I believe you can achieve your personal goals with career coaching, and enjoy a new outlook on life. For more information about my services and what I can do for you, please browse through my website and do not hesitate reaching out with any questions.



"Being a first generation student and navigating through the college experience is difficult. Having someone to refer my questions to and help me solidify my career goals made that process easier. The biggest challenge when finding a job is the interview process, and Amney has provided me with many tips to ace my interviews. Using those tips helped me secure a co-op at a leading energy provider and a full time position after graduation with a leading automotive company. I am so grateful for Amney taking the time to coach me through different job searching processes and making the most out of my academics!"

Khansa A. 
U of M Graduate

"The services that Amney has provided me we’re unlike any other. After getting my resume revamped, I was immediately given an interview and hired into a Fortune 500 company because my manager loved the layout and wording of my resume. My new resume highlights my skills and experiences using intriguing wording! I can’t thank Amney enough for all the help and improvements made. As a college student, it’s hard to get noticed with minimal experience and education, but the resume Amney created highlighted all my work and further explained all the details perfectly."

Eman S.
College Student

"Previously, I was struggling with what I wanted to pursue in university. I was a junior at the time with senior year coming close and it seemed as though all my classmates knew exactly what they wanted where as I was changing every couple weeks. Amney offered to sit with me and help me go through different quizzes that helped me to identify what it was that I wanted to study. There were many careers that I haven’t even heard of and she took the time to go through each and every one of them, explaining it to me and going through the Wayne State University (where I hoped to attend) programs list to help me find the best majors/minors for my field. Her assistance really helped me to figure out exactly what path I wanted to follow through my university years."

Salsabeel A.
High School Senior

"As the Youth Director for the Islamic Center of Detroit, I have worked alongside Amney for almost 2 years. She brings with her an attitude of hard work, passion, and professionalism. As the career committee lead, Amney helps mentor local youth who have questions about career or school. Her passion about the subject matter and experience has encouraged many youth to ask her for advice. She has strived to earn her Senior Professional Career Coach Certification and has ensured that the knowledge she has obtained was used to give back to her community. I give my highest recommendation for Amney!"

Mariam T.
Youth Director


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