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Importance of Higher Education

Going to college can seem very discouraging. When you have people your age racking up money from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and etc... Attending a 4 year college and going through that process seems a bit old school now to some people.

Regardless of what's going on in our culture's society, getting a higher education is still super important. My decision into pursuing high education stemmed from my parents since it was expected of me to continue after high school. Being a 1st generation American, there is a huge level of responsibility to succeed since we have so many opportunities unlike our parents.

Not everyone is able to start a Youtube channel or get Instagram famous! This is where your education comes into place. Getting a degree gives you stability in finding a job and getting steady income.

Theres no such thing as easy money! Success comes with hard work and dedication. Just ask every professional, business owner, Youtube star, Instagram influencer, etc. If you didn't know, "college graduates are much more likely to climb the economic ladder*" and its probably the easiest way!

College is so expensive, Is it even worth it? Yes, college is super expensive and sometimes I even debated if this was worth the loans but I realized I have a higher percentage of finding a job that would allow me to live the life I want. Most College graduates are used to making $9-12 an hour that after graduating can make much more in their career field.

I've just listed a few reasons why higher education is important and there's probably so many studies and research done that proves this point!

*Source - https://www.brookings.edu/blog/social-mobility-memos/2014/02/11/does-college-really-improve-social-mobility/

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