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What a time to graduate?

Updated: May 25, 2020

For all those graduating from university this year at a time like this, it could be for the very least nerve wrecking. With the Covid-19 shutting almost every country/state, you are probably wondering how will we be able to get that job I was promised after graduation.

Don't be discouraged! We need to be proactive and utilize this time to be ready for when things pick up. With that being said, here are some tips you can do during this time to prepare yourself for that new job you want:

  1. Start searching for jobs from now & see which ones you would be more likely to apply for!

  2. Look at the skills listed from the job posting and see if they match up with your resume.

  3. If some skills don't match your resume, take the time to learn through online resources.

  4. Clean up & update your LinkedIn - I have had a lot of success with recruiters calling me through that.

  5. Be ready by having your resume focused, powerful and concise!

Even though you might think companies are not hiring, there are a number of job postings that have been posted lately and all are remote. I would recommend to apply for this jobs and see what happens. It doesn't hurt to try :) .

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