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What can career coaching provide for college students?

Updated: May 21, 2020

You are probably thinking.......I'm just a college student! I can't afford a career coach!

Let me take you back to 8 years ago, when I was starting out college as a freshman. From the start, I knew I wanted to major in computer science but never had a mentor in the field. I literally just picked computer science since I really like technology and thought I would be working with computers. The problem was, I never knew what to expect and had a million questions unanswered.

Looking back now, I wish I had a career coach that was able to guide me and allow that safe space to get my questions answered. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret going into computer science but if I only had the ability to prepare myself for what was coming.

So, back to my first sentence, affordability.

Career coaching is an investment for your future. It allows you to explore the best version of yourself to choose a career of your choice that will leave you satisfied. College students are already spending so much money on tuition so why not allow coaching be apart of the journey to further invest in yourself.

Coaching dives deeper than traditional academic advising. It allows for a more personalized one on one sessions to dig deep about who YOU are. What makes YOU you? Having that understanding of ones self allows for a better understanding of how you can serve society.

Creating that clarity of your college experience will allow you to seek out opportunities for internships and co-ops. With coaching, we will provide a step by step approach to finding opportunities by perfecting your resume and linkedIn profile. This will lead to a more successful transition when it comes time for graduation and move to a full time position.

For more information, Book a free 15 min consultation to learn more...

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