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What can you do with a business degree?

I've had a lot of discussions with high school students centered around career, passions and jobs. When I do mention "what about a business degree?", they automatically assume I'm talking about opening up a business.

Obtaining a business degree is more than just opening up and running your own business! There are specializations you can take in college such as finances, marketing, business administration, human resources, supply chain management, & many more.

These specializations allow you to understand business operations to a whole new level. The degree allows you to get your foot in the door to work with small local business or big corporations.

If your goal is to open your own business, why not start with a business degree regardless. Working 2-4 years with a business you love will allow you to understand business operations and get a head-start as well.

Check out this infographic to learn more about business degrees* :

*source - https://www.tun.com/blog/12-jobs-for-business-majors/

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